HYDROPHEN® the most innovative Diet Drops on the market.

The ingredients in Hydrophen Diet Drops will help you to burn fat and suppress the appetite.

HYDROPHEN® is a diet drops product based on aminoacids and extracts of GymnemaSylvestre that will help you burn fat and suppress appetite while keeping muscle mass intact.
Our supplement differs from the majority of the other slimming products because it is taken through drops and not through a classic slimming pill, offering you significant additional benefits.
This new method of product consumption allows the ingredients of HYDROPHEN® to be absorbed directly by the bloodstream, rather than being first sent in the digestive system and then digested by the same.

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Why is HYDROPHEN® better than other diet drops?

HYDROPHEN® has different positive effects for our body which are not only limited to weight loss but embrace various aspects of our body.*

The ingredients in Hydrophen will help you:

Some aminoacids contained in HYDROPHEN® and the extracts of Gymema Sylvestre will allow you to suppress appetite, acting on the central nervous system.
Aminoacids and extracts of Gymnema Sylvestre have the capacity of burning fat and reduce adipose tissue, especially in those body areas where its reduction is more difficult (e.g. abdomen, inner thigh, forearms, glutes)
A regulated metabulism is vital for a correct weight loss, that’s why the property of some aminoacids contained in HYDROPHEN® is the capacity of regulating metabolism.
With our diet drops you will lose weight and not muscle mass. The aminoacids that compose HYDROPHEN® will guarantee you a weight loss while preserving and building muscle mass. You will shape your body, not simply lose weight.

Taking a slimming product in the form of pill is less effective than taking a liquid one.*

A product in liquid form goes directy into the bloodstream without first having to be digested by the stomach.

The main advantages of a liquid supplement such as HYDROPHEN® are the greater rapidity and effectiveness of absorption by the organism.

On the contrary pills are coated by a shell, which significantly reduces the absorption rate. HYDROPHEN® is more effective than other supplements because it can be immediately assimilated in the bloodstream.

Moreover, when ingesting a slimming pill, not only are you taking the active principles of the supplement, but also ingredients that have nothing to do with it (e.g. gelatine, silica, etc.) and are only used to realize the container (the pill) of the product. In addition, our body doesn’t assimilate diet pills immediately,but they first need to be digested by our intestine (thus reducing the real effectiveness of the product) before being transferred through the blood vessels.

With HYDROPHEN®, however, all contained ingredients are thought to help you lose weight, suppress appetite and burn fat. There aren’t ingredients with the solepurpose of packing the product, and the unique natural ingredient that we have decided to insert to make the product more pleasant to the palate is a natural aroma of Pineapple. What’s more, the consumption in liquid form will allow you to assimilate the product immediately, with no need for a previous digestion in the stomach, so that the effectiveness of the active principles is not affected.

How our diet drops works

HYDROPHEN® is realized with ingredients that will help you burning fat and suppressing appetite.

The capacity of the ingredients in Hydrophen is to burn fat but at the same time to maintain and improve muscle mass.
The majority of people that lose weight through a diet or any slimming product don’t actually lose the excess of fat but the muscle mass. Few know, however, that muscles are among those parts of our body that “burn” most fats for their correct functioning. That’s why those who lose weight in this way usually regain the lost weight within a few weeks. The body deprived of the sufficient muscle mass is no longer able to burn fat and the weight increase is unavoidable.
HYDROPHEN®, however, is different and its difference lies in its ingredients which have been accurately chosen to offer the maximum weight loss but without a loss of muscle mass.

1- http://www.brainchildnutritionals.com/wts/why-we-use-liquides/
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The ingredients contained in HYDROPHEN®

This amino acid is able to help maintaining and building our own muscle mass, which is vitally important, as explained above, when it comes to losing weight.

However arginine, according to a recent study published on the Journal of Dietary Supplements, has also the capacity of fighting obesity by reducing visceral adipose tissue.

Glutamine helps metabolizing at best the proteins that our body takes, besidesits positive effects regarding the muscle mass.
Moreover, Glutamine is a very important nutrient for our intestine, which uses Glutamine to perform the digestive processes. Finally, this amino acid has also properties reinforcing the immune system.

Leucine stimulates our body to burn the subcutaneous fats, which are then transformed in muscle mass. Its effects on the muscle building and repair are well-known and widely used in the sport field.
In addition, this amino acid helps preserving the proteins contained in the muscles to promote the loss of weight and not of muscle.

An essential amino acid for our body, both as regards skin (collagen) and as regards muscles (cartilage) . When losing weight, even in a rapid way, there is the risk of covering some parts of our body with annoying stretch marks that then prove impossible to remove.
This amino acid helps preventing this situation by acting on the “elasticity”of the skin besides its tone.

When you want to lose weight, monitoring your appetite proves essential. Tyrosine has precisely this purpose. This amino acid acts on the central nervous system, regulating mood, sensations of tiredness (which may occur when losing weight) and accelerating metabolism.
Tyrosine acts directly on the brain, giving our body a sense of satiety and satisfaction from hunger. Finally, this amino acid helps regulating thyroid, hypophysis andadrenal glands.

An amino acid widely used to suppress appetite and, if used for a prolongued period, to reduce body weight. Taking a supplement that contains Phenylalanine, like our slimming product, 30 minutes before eating allows reducing in a remarkable way the calories consumed (due to its properties suppressing appetite).
Moreover, Phenylalanine is clinically proved as an amino acid that is able to burn the fat contained in our body.

Extracts of Gymnema Sylvestre
The extracts of Gymnema Sylvestre (a plant of Asian origins), will help you with the metabolism of the lipids and fats contained in your body and by suppressing appetite. Moreover, several clinical studies have proved how this substance is useful to treat type 1 and type 2 Diabetes, water retention and gastric problems of various kinds.
The European Union permits the use of the statements “Allows the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and controls the sense of hunger” for this substance.

Studies about the ingredients in HYDROPHEN®

HYDROPHEN® employs only ingredients that have been widely used and tested to help you lose weight, burn fat and suppress appetite. Unlike many other diet drops, which contain ingredients that follow the trend of the moment but are not supported by scientific proofs, all our ingredients have been on the market for several years and have given proof of a real effectiveness regarding the weight loss.

Listing all the clinical studies realized in the course of the years regarding the ingredients that compose our diet drops would be impossible, so we simply cite the most significant ones.

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